BWSJDGCJ Retro Game Console, Built in 10000+ Classic Games, 2 Ergonomics Controller, 4K HDMI Output, Plug and Play Video Game Console, Ideal Kids and Adult


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  • 【Built-in 10000+ Classic games】This retro game console comes with 10000+ classic games including 9 simulators: PS-1 MAME MD SFC GB GBA GBC ATARI NES. You can enjoy the games with your family and friends without internet connection. This is a fond memory from childhood.
  • 【2 Ergonomic Controllers】This video game console with built in games is equipped with 2 classic controllers which don‘t need cable and the valid distance is 30 feet. Ergonomic design and smooth lines fit the palm more which is more conducive to various operations during the game. This super game box comes with a signal receiver the gamepads can be connected immediately without pairing and the signal is stable without lags.
  • 【Support for searching and saving game】You can enter the name of the game you want to play on the game search page then you canquickly find the game you want to play. In addition if you have to stop playing the game during the game you can save the game progress. When you play the game next time you only need to read the previously saved game progressand you can continue to play the game that did not end last time.
  • 【Plug & Play/4K HD Output】 The plug and play video game console is very convenient to use. You only need to connect the game console to the TV through the HDMI cable connect the power cable to the console and set the TV to HDMI output. This TV game console supports 4K HD output and the high-quality game console screen makes the game more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • 【Ideal Gift for Kids Adult Friend Lover】This classic retro game console is an ideal gift for yourself children friends and lovers. Classic and interesting games can promote interaction and communication between you and your family and friends. Experience the happiness of growing up with your children share childhood fun with friends and enjoy childhood memories with your lover.