New HD screen retro video game console built-in 2500 games handheld game console Multiple emulators portable game device video music TV output


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  • HD LCD screen.The screen resolution is higher the screen is brighter the picture is better and the display is clearer than similar products. Bring a better experience to users. Friendly user interface.Different from other types of game consoles this game console has already divided the games into categories on the screen each icon corresponds to a game and the user can directly enter the game to see the game. Very simple and convenient.
  • Support for multiple simulators; built-in more than 2500 classic games games can be added or deleted.How to quickly find the game you want to play?Connect the game console to the computer find the “GAME”–“CLASSIC” folder of the game console on the computer the user can create another folder in the “CLASSIC” folder such as “My Favorite” and then put your favorite Copy the game files to this folder. Next time you can find the game you want to play directly in this folder.
  • The game can be archived.When playing the game press the “SELECT” button the game menu will appear on the screen select “Save” and then press the A button. The game saves multiple progresses and users can load different progresses to continue playing the game.
  • Support AV-OUT TV output. It can be connected to a TV output the picture to the TV and share the happiness with your family/friends on the big screen. Support video/audio/e-book. In addition to playing games you can also watch videos listen to music and read e-books.
  • Built-in lithium battery Built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can be recharged repeatedly. Support storage expansion The storage can be expanded by inserting a TF card and the maximum support 64GB TF card