Controller for PS4 Wireless, 2.4GHz Retro Game Console Built in 3000 Classic Game , USB Gaming Gamepad with Joystick and Game Stick, Support for MAME/FC/GB /GBA / GBC/MD /SFC /PS1 /N64


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  • ★ Easy to Operate : The console includes 3000 classic video games allowing you to participate all day. Wireless Gamepad Controller can be remotely controlled by inserting the battery. Play simple and generous easy to operate. Quit the game: Press SELECT + START simultaneously for two seconds.
  • ★ Compatibility : Wireless Gamepad Controller is compatible with MAME/FC/GB /GBA / GBC/MD /SFC /PS1 /N64 / ATARI2600/ ATARI7800. We committed to provide high quality wireless gaming controller to bring you the best gaming experience.
  • ★ Function : 360°Refined analog sticks without dead zone the new touch pad on the face of the game controller offer players precise ps4 control on the gaming system. Controller which built-in 6-axis gyro sensor has dual motor vibration excellent dual shock effect design makes the tactile sense more sensitive. These design makes you get instant response in the game with absolutely no delay which make the game process is smoother the experience is more real.
  • ★ Optimized Buttons : The layout of the gamepad buttons is optimized through an excellent dual analog joystick design. The ergonomic controller has high sensitivity which reduces response time at critical moments and improves accuracy.
  • ★ Easy to Play : Just connect the game console to the HD interface of the TV connect the USB-powered data cable to the body unit and adjust the TV source to the HD channel to display the game list screen on the TV. According to the indicators to operate and then enjoy the game! Quit the game: Press SELECT + START simultaneously for two seconds.