Arcade Fighting Stick Controller, Retro Gaming, Arcade Joystick, USB Port, Compatible with PC Emulators, PS3, RPi, STEAM Game, Android, SWITCH Street Fighter 5


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  • SENSITIVE MOVEMENT BUTTONS: Arcade fight stick joystick will make your inputs faster and your response time will improve by using the sensitive move buttons. Utilizing the sensitivity of the buttons allows you to complete moves in as few frames as possible.
  • BUTTONS: On the left side of the controller there are 3 x for Sanwa OBSF 24 buttons and 1 x for Sanwa OBSF 30 button on the right side of the controller there are 8 x for Sanwa OBSF 24 buttons as action buttons and on the right side there are two function buttons OPTION and HOME.
  • NON SLIP BOTTOM: Six small non slip pads on the bottom of the arcade game fighting joystick prevent slipping during intense play. There are many all button arcade joystick specific techniques and shortcuts that you can utilize to help ensure victory.
  • KEYBOARD STYLE ARROW KEYS: Employs keyboard style arrow keys for flatbox layout to help you make fewer mistakes during matches. Random execution errors are dramatically reduced when you use your entire hand instead of your wrist or thumb to perform moves.
  • COMPATIBLE RANGE: Arcade fight stick joystick supports PC emulators for PS3 for RPi for STEAM Game Center for Android devices for SWITCH Street Fighter 5 and other gamepad definitions and works with most fighting games on the market.